Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Hakuna Fritatta!

Just one more meaningless, noisy blog dealing with food on the interwebz. This blog was inspired by the arrogance and general douchebaggery brought about by, who seems to think that only they and Food Network should be allowed to post about food. Since their site is awash in pay-per-click advertising seemingly paid for by Food Network they have offered $25 to food blogs who shut down and post their incredibly tacky ass poster showing that now owns their ass.

Dunno, selling one's soul to FN for a lousy $25? Dignity and not being a whore...priceless.

Well guess what Eater? Eat me!

1 comment:

  1. mr-rayray in the hizzy! Screw FN and

    Thanks to FNH for outing eater's motives. I've always been on the subversive side of things and you know I'll always have the backs of the little people who are doing good. Do you think they'll have the balls to approach Julie Powell with $25 to shut down her blog? I think not.

    Go girl!